I guess I owe you a debt of thanks,
You opened the door
And ushered me into a world I never knew.
It is a lovely place and even  though
you will never be here to help furnish it,
to share the joy of it,
I thank you.

And this is good bye.

For all the times I saw you looking at me,
For all the times I tried to make you laugh.
For the way you spoke about your passions
And infected mine,
This is goodbye.

This is the way the world is:
We laugh at the wrong things,
Speak at the wrong times,
Move left when we should have moved right.
I waved at you in the distance

And it was goodbye.

For all the times I wondered
What you would think of something
And all the times others spoke of their lovers
And I wondered where you were.
For the unanswered emails
And the awkward pauses…
This is goodbye.

I imagine you now.
You tilt your head at me,
You ask me what I want.
Even now I can’t tell you,
I have no hope, no bridge
No heart to give you.
Even if you lived a mile down the road
You’d still be too far away.
So this is goodbye.

For all that I hope your dreams
Come true like magic
For all that I wish
That if we are never to touch our shadows will never cross again
For all that I need never to see you,
and have your laugh set fire to my resolve…

So let this stay goodbye.

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