Ii wanted to give you the other side of the coin with this Salon Article —   it makes some good points about the Victorian Living article.  Mostly that Chrisman does come off as a little derisive when she talks about reading only primary resources.  Commentaries by scholars who have spent years doing research isn’t anything to be dismissed lightly…I have read Ridolfo Capoferro’s lovely Great Representation of the Art and Use of Fencing (In translation, of course, this is a good one.) but I did it with a copy of Tom Leoni’s Practical Translation right next to me.  The guy knows his stuff, he’s studied, he’s tried it out, he’s trained others.  It would be silly for me not to use his knowledge as a stepping stone.

So, yes, lots of good perspectives from both articles.  I still stand by that using and wearing does help you understand things, but that has worked in my own experience.

Fencing, last night, was incredibly amazing, speaking of.  My usual choice of weapon is single and dagger, but I do have a LOVE of single rapier, so I fought that all night.  I also made my poor lovelies do lunge drills, practicing both a back weighted lunge and a balanced lunge, and I think it made me remember to stand straighter as I fought.  Good stuff, and it’s reminding me that I genuinely love having a sword in my hand.

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