Saturday, I went to an SCA event for my shire, Melee on the Mount. When I woke up (and I woke early…I wanted to be there by 9:00, so I woke only shortly after I would have normally to go to work.) the same storm that had made me wakeful since 5:00 was still going on, and I knew that my family would think I was crazy to get up and go to an event in such weather, but I had said that I would be there for set-up, so I managed to force myself up and dressed.

Dressing yourself in garb, by the way, is a pain. When I go to Ren, I have my mother to help me into my kit, so pinning everything into place while still half asleep is not much fun.

The rain stopped by the time I was halfway there, and as soon as I could I got started working on the kitchen, on the all day side board. I’d rather be busy than milling around looking for people to talk to, especially since most of the people I know are all busy running the event, so I chopped, cleaned, ripped, dried and generally (tried to) make myself useful. When my fencing teacher, who was the Marshal of the event, came over, I told him, with the help of Mi’lady K., that I was desperate to fence him, and he said we would, but since I’m not authorized to fence yet I couldn’t take part in the tournament. Only two other fencers, one of which is the Kingdom Marshal who I’d wanted to meet for a long time, came, so I was invited to fencer with them. We did melee practise a bit for my sake, and I for to fence all three men. Mi’Lord S. was lovely to fence against because we hadn’t crossed swords for awhile and I found that I’d missed it a great deal. My fencing teacher wanted me to fence with Mi’Lord D. because he really wants me to get the experience of fencing with people other than him. I love fencing against him, but he’s *so* tall, and I keep trying to copy the moves of a tall person fencing against a shorty. Mi’Lord D. (Yes, I know that I should be addressing people differently, but I am trying to protect the innocent who may not want to be blogged about) came over and watched me and Mi’Lord S. fence a bit, and after a bit the three of us were talking, and I saw Mi’Lord I (the fencing teacher) talking to the head of our shire, and I could tell they were talking about me, but I figured it was about the fencing club (Mi’Lord I was telling the Kingdom Marshal about how our fencers…i.e. the classical-SCAdian group, had taken over the club with what I think was a bit of pride in his tone…*grins*) and dismissed it, and then he came over, and said that, since we didn’t have a tournament, but we still had a prize to give away, that we should choose a winner…and the other two gentlemen pointed to me immediately. And so I was awarded the tournament prize for being the most decorous fencer (or, as Mi’Lord S. said, deocrative) on the field. And, when he presented it to me later in front of everyone, he said that I was also being given the prize (a lovely box) for having the most seasonaly innapropirate name. So, I was chuffed. Truly and brillantly honored and pleased, and those who congratulated heard me say that it was due to the kindness of fine people. Because really, it was.

I also got a bell for working in the kitchen…apparently I can present it to someone, and they will fill my cup with something yummy. I had some peach mead…I am a fan of mead…and it was rather lovely tasting. I never drink very much, just enough for the experience, and that was lucky because I had gotten a killer headache, fencing in the sun. I took aspirin, talked to people (I really loved hanging out with the fencers, but I got to work the kitchen with some amazing people, and the Autocrat for the event and his wonderous lady are two people extremly dear to my heart…) and helped clean up.

By the way, working in the kitchens right away, which is what I did at the first event I ever went to, is one of the best ways to get to know people, and they are so much more willing to like you, when you’re side by side scrubbing pans.

It was a wonderful event. I’m so happy I went, and I am filled with love and pride for the people of my shire.

Here is the garb I wore. I forgot to put on makeup before the picture, but ah, well, it’s not like it really helps. This is the bodice I just finished making, the dark blue skirt is from my normal, black glitter velvet over dress outfit, and the over shirt and sheer blouse I wore at the Ren last year. The blouse is still mightily problematic, but it does tuck up into itself really nicely to let one wash pots with no dragging sleeves, and it’s so thin I didn’t notice the bunched up sleeves under my fencing jacket.I also wore boots to the event, to protect my cloth shoes. So, imagine me in a white fencing jacket over this, fencing with double skirts on, blowing in the wind since it was really, really windy. I bet I looked kind of cool! I had no problem fencing in a skirt…I didn’t notice the difference. And the last picture is of my lovely, lovely box, which has place of honor on my book shelf, in front of my Dread Pirate game.

not-a-pretty-girl.JPG   pretty-box.JPG

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