Is the title of the new short story I am writing.  I know the path of the tale, as it wends through a Victorian bed and breakfast, and I feel the fire and the circle of it, so I am confident enough in its completion to actually mention it.  😉  It’s a ghost story One of my friends and I are trying to keep ourselves motivated by running a competition to see who can reach 60,000 words by June 26th.  Yesterday I wrote 2,846 (the story is 3,929 words long so far) so I only have 57,154 more words to go.  I can do it.

So far today I’ve checked my email multiple times, cleaned, and started on my Great File Project, because I want to clean and organize every drawer in this office.  And I edited.  Also, one of the faculty members received a nude bust for some speech he gave, and he put it on top of my book cases.  It looks very…Greek.  Except that she has very well defined breasts, so I took tissue paper and pleated her a little toga.  What more can one want from a day?  Craft projects, cleaning, organizing, writing. 

When I get home I’ll work more on my bodice.  I’ll be going to an SCA event at the end of the month, and I realized I don’t really have any summer garb.  All the dresses I wanted to make didn’t really work out…I take ages to sew anything, which is why I won’t ever make anyone anything ever again…so I decided to make a new bodice, and wear a shirt/over shirt and shirt I’d already made.  The bodice will be of a lovely cream-gold brocade, with chrysanthemums a little lighter than the fabric and small flowers in red, blue, brown and purple.  It’s beautiful, and I hope I do a good job.

Now I will go get the mail, get something to eat in town, and come back to the office.  I love summer.  Freedom is a huge deal to me, as is flexibility, so it’s just so fantastic to have a job where you get that a couple months out of the year.

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