I am suddenly in a very good mood. Well, it started…sort of…last night, half way through my last event of the semester, the honors dinner for the department. Half way through any event, you’ve gotten to the point where everything that’s going to go wrong has – note the italics – most likely have happened.So you can relax, enjoy, and let yourself sort of unwind from the OMG SO MUCH TO DO fury of the day.

And, after the event was done, and I was all warm from good companionship and relief that everyone was happy, I realized something pretty spectacular. That that even was the last event of the semester. That aside from a couple of pizza parties, I am completely done with events, and now can concentrate on things like catching up, cleaning up, and going through my files. (My next project is to clean my files, and color code them using the lovely rainbow of pretty colored folders I’ve bought. )I feel so much better, like I’ll be able to regain balance and control over my life. I hope, at least. The next event is in September, when we do the piracy event, so I’ll probably work on that over the summer.

I just feel so relieved. And eager. And bright, like the sky has cleared and things will be smoother for a now.

Of course, by posting this, I’ve just thoroughly cursed myself…

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