Thirteen Things about Websites I like
1. Live Journal. I have a friends-only journal there. (Not said to be all “Ha! I have secrets and you can’t know them…if you comment a bit and I get to know you, and you have an LJ, the chances that I’ll friend you are very high. OK, when I get to be (in)famous, maybe not so much, but since that day will come about the same time the moon really does turn blue, I don’t think we should worry.) I started a journal there because the comment and friending features are so convenient for me. It’s easier to talk honestly under a mask, truthfully, and the stuff I think won’t wreck the respect any general visitor coming to visit this site gets cross-posted between here and here.

2. Netflix. I don’t have, and am unlikely to ever get cable. My father has been ill, so I rent a lot of TV shows and such for him, to give him something to look forward to and keep his mind occupied. It’s neat because I’d have never rented Have Gun, Will Travel, and that’s a really cool show. Richard Boone is nifty. I visit a lot because I have things I want to see (I am so looking forward to Sweeny Todd!) but try to balance it out since I’m not huge on watching TV. I have a few things I watch, but as you may recall, I tend to buy movies cheap and forget to watch them for a year or so…so I go and make sure I’m actually in the mood to watch something, and keep things for me pushed down the list until I’m ready.

3. Sluggy Freelance ( I will admit, sometimes the humor isn’t exactly my style (I’m not thrilled with toilet humor. It just makes me feel vaguely embarrassed. Which a therapist could probably have a field day with, but there you go.) but I care about the characters, and it makes me laugh more often than not. It’s goofy, it’s fun, and it doesn’t take itself seriously…there’s a joy in reading something that you know is done just for the pleasure of it.

4. Girl Genius: ( charming, funny, exciting. It is a story about “Adventure, Romance AND Mad Science” done in a steam-punk realm. The characters are wonderful, and I am always eager to know what is going to happen next…

5. And my final web comic: The Phoenix Requiem. ( I started with her Inverloch…I really love her art, and I love her characters. (Can you tell character is important to me?) I love web comics because, if you’re working really hard on getting book orders or straightening out some purchasing fiasco, sometimes you need to change gears, just for a second. So, I go over to a webcomic, read it, smile, and in under a minute I’m back to work. What do you know? Slacking off at work can be healthy for one’s outlook. 😉

6. International Swordfighting and Martial Arts Convention: ( This is just a common site right now. I’m planning a field trip to this convention, with about 6 students. I seem to be on this page all the time, planning how much things will cost, discussing the options, explaining to people why this convention is somewhere students really need to go. But, I’m really excited. And I’m making headway!

7. Ebay: This is where I stalk fabric, trims, etc. You can’t always find exciting fabric or just the right lace locally. And buttons are a nightmare to find. It’s not easy to shop eBay, either, because I only have a base amount I’ll spend on fabric, and sometimes the yardages aren’t quite right, but still, it’s where I manage to get most of my costuming shopping done.

8. Library Thing/Shelfari/Good Reads: I have accounts with all of them, and part of it goes down to the author outreach…I want people to feel like they would enjoy talking to me. Most of it’s because I am insanely crazy about books and adore them and want to neb at other people’s bookshelves.

9. Zen Warrior Army: ( I have a list of things I need to buy for fencing…a hood, a sword so I can return the one I’ve been borrowing, a bag. I have been obsessing over what kind of sword to get. I want a cup hilt rapier like the one my friend lent me, but Popinjay’s doesn’t seem to be making them anymore, and so on. I don’t really like the quillions that the basic Zen Warrior sword carries (too plain!) so I’m sort of wibbling. For me it’s always the question between affordability (or, really, “Should I really spend that much money on my hobby when I really, really need to save up and side the house?), practicality, and if it would really improve my life. Since fencing is making me active and getting me out of the house more often, then I am leaning towards providing myself with the needs of my hobby. But, being me, I still feel guilty. Aren’t you glad you don’t really live in my head?

10. A Dress a Day. ( You should totally read her “Secret Lives of Dresses.” Beautiful. And I stop in and see what nifty vintage pattern she’s found.

11. The Costumer’s Guide. ( This place is pictures galore…so much to look at, study, and get inspiration from. Yes, I do know that many of these are from movies, and movie costumers are sometimes a bit improbably, but still. Lovely.

12. Breck’s. ( I am obsessing over what to plant this year. My retirement plan includes covering every inch of the cliff I live on so I won’t have to mow when I’m a little old lady. And I love, love, love bulbs…I’m thinking about buying a bunch of daffodils and some early snow glories. And some Astrilibe. And maybe some more irises, because so far they seem to be doing well…

13. Friend’s blogs. I visit as many as I can every day, because I love learning about people. A long time ago, a friend of mine, Dave, and I were sitting in a newspaper office and talking, and he said, “You are such a people person.” And I asked him to take that back…back then, I thought being a people person meant that you were weak, that you were exposing yourself to the world. I think the latter is still true…but not the former. So, Dr. E., I owe you an apology. Not that we will ever see each other again for me to give it…but yep. People person. That’s me.

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