So, today I finally made up my press packets.  I had the stuff written, but I decided not to bother printing until Spring…why risk having an event and no one showing up because of the weather?  And if nothing else, at least maybe it’ll get people interested in buying the book.  Last Friday I bought Staples out of their stock of dark blue folders, even ended buying some teal.  :-/
So, I’ve included the first chapter of the book, a couple of the postcards with labels on the back to cover up the mistake, a business card in the slot, a press release, a bio, and a bit about the book.  I didn’t like how it all printed on regular paper, so I went with some parchment.  And, for good measure, I glued one of the post cards on the front…I need to use up those dumb things fast, since I’ll be adding Chocolatier’s Wife to them, soon, and it looks nice.  Glossy and professional, just like the Tor review packets used to look.

I still need to make book marks, but haven’t liked how they come out on the paper I have.  *growl*.

And, of course, I wrote cover letters…

Now to take all that and make it suitable for emailing, and I’ll start emailing everyone in the world.  Well, book store owners, anyway.  And why not libraries?  OK, they’ll trash it and put me in the spam filter, but I’m determined that my lack of success will not be my fault.  🙂

Oh, and in the silly but cool news, my Drollerie stories are now available on Amazon Kindle!

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