Thirteen Reasons to be Single…and happyA few of my friends have been talking about being single of late, sort of complaining, sort of mystified that they still are. I don’t understand it, they are beautiful, amazing, clever women. Looking at them through my harshest lens, I can see absolutely nothing “wrong” with them, I just think…it’s the way of the world. I’m single, as well, and have decided to just…enjoy it. It doesn’t really matter if you’re single or not, just as long as you are content.I have decided to write this Thursday’s Thirteen about reasons why it’s great to be single, because we all need reminding, in this world that seems to demand that you pair up as quick as possible. 1. No arguments about what to eat. How many times have you spent tons of time, trying to decide where to go and eat? If you’re single, you only have to ask yourself.2. When you move in or marry someone, you have to adjust your life to theirs. They were raised differently from you, they have different ways of doing things. Sometimes the very ways that keep you sane seem to be impossible for the other to understand. No doing that, single.3. You can leave your half cut out sewing in the living room until you darn well get to it.4. No one will ever complain if you pause a DVD to admire the cut of a gown, or to see if you can study out the fencing moves. Or if you fast forward through it just to watch the good bits with your favorite actor.5. Tea and popcorn at 3:00 am? Now doable.6. You can flirt with the pretty people at Ren faires. No one will glare if you blush when the back of your hand is kissed by a knight, and you can sit on a pirate wench’s knee without anyone getting embarrassed.

7. I’ve found that I prefer going places by myself…I don’t have to feel guilty over the million petty things one usually gets to feel guilty about. I can go at my own pace, choose my own path. It’s freeing.

8. You’re responsible for yourself – you know how much has to be put aside for the rent, the electricity, and you know exactly how much is in the bank account. So, you don’t have to feel guilty over buying books. No one will judge your purchases.

9. You can completely be yourself at home. W all say that if you’ve met the right one, you can be yourself…but how many times have you just wanted to dance in the living room, sing David Bowie songs off tune, whatever, yet still you got looks?

10. You can have as many covers on the bed as you want. You can also read in bed until 2:00 am and not feel badly.

11. If you exercise, if you diet, dye your hair, it’s not to try and maintain someone. It’s for your self. (Or it should be…I know people who let themselves go when they have someone, and firm up when they don’t, which is really sad.)

12. Full control over evenings and weekends.

13. You can pour care into friends who need it without worrying that your so will feel slighted.

 Feel free to add to my list!

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