Last night, the power was out when I got home, so I spent much of the time wrapped up by a window, a kerosene lamp on the table by me, while I sketched out ideas for my latest writing project.  I got a lot done, scribbling ideas, drawing the rough shape of the world map, trying to remember the names of locations. 

It was a quiet, cold time, I was bundled up warm, and with the power out there was no hum of the DVD player or the distant roar of the furnace kicking on.  There was no ambient light from clock radios, just the window and the flame of the lamp, smoky and smelling strongly in the cold still of my room.  The scritch of my pen, my breath, the shuffle of paper were the main sounds.

After an hour and a half or so, I was too tired to do any more, so I blew out the lamp, and curled up to nap.

Which, of course, is when the power came back on.

I was asked to go and pick up one of the job candidates, so I got up extra early so I could buy gas and maybe grab some fast food to eat after I delivered the lady to her meeting with the Dean.  The roads were terrible…a coating of ice overlay many of them, and sometimes I drove only 30 miles an hour.  Slowly I managed to gain a little more speed, but every time I decided to try and put on real speed and drive like normal, I would see skid marks on the road leading to the grass covered median, or, twice, a car that had spun completely around and backed up a hill.

This was the sort of day I would have wanted to stay home.  Or gone late.  When I passed my turn off for work, I whimpered a little, because I would have given a great deal to have been able to creep down that lane and gotten here.

But, I braved it out.  Prayed a lot.  (Funny…you would think that going 30 when you usually go 70, you’d be all impatient and thinking how damned slow this is.  Nope.  Time goes just as fast when you’re going 30 scared breathless as when you’re going 70 singing along to the mp3 player.  Faster, in some ways.)

So, I am here.  I earned about an hour extra, so I’m a going home that much earlier today, and it’s a three day weekend.  Yay!

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