It’s Friday. It’s Reading Day. Why the heck did I come in through all these crappy roads again? No one is here.

Oh, that’s right. Because students need to make up tests. Yes. I also promised my workers they could make up hours, but since I could just have said screw it, and given them the hours as a reward for work done, that doesn’t really count.

Another not-fun commute that does not look as if it will be improving in time for my 3:00 lunch break. (My awesome boss already told me that a 3:00 lunch break sounds “just perfect”…but I think I’ll be watching the weather with an eye for homeward bound. I honestly don’t know if I should be getting home before it gets worse, or waiting to see if they plow the damned roads. I’ll give the kidlets until noon to make up their tests. After, all bets off.)

Yay, according to the forecast, it’s going to RAIN this afternoon. *sighs, because she has no idea what she should do…she doesn’t want to be a coward, or a fool….*

Let’s not talk about the weather anymore. You’re all probably bored cross eyed.

What should I talk about then?

Nothing. I’m going to go write something nifty.

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