It will not surprise you to hear that I took advantage of the Butterick and McCall 4.99 a pattern sales. The McCall one I stumbled upon by accident…I went to the site to see how much fabric a doublet would need, and found that all their patterns were on sale. The Butterick one day sale I heard about through email.

Today, I receive an email offering all Vogue patterns for 5.99. I thought, “So what? Vogue doesn’t do costuming, the patterns are more expensive and they are all faux couture and boring.”

Then I found the “Vintage Vogue” section.

This one is has great lines and frames the shoulders perfectly.

This one seems similar, but it doesn’t have the princess lines. Princess lines can be problematic to cut – it means your fabric’s got to be wide enough in the direction of the pattern and that you can’t cheat and cut bits from smaller pieces. But princess lines can be very nice. I also like the fact that, with this, you could make the skirt black, and maybe make the top white with a black floral.

and this one is just sheer glamour. The fabric consumption though…makes some of my Elizabethan dresses look cheap.

Mostly, I’m not in love with the rest of the site’s patterns…save….well, this is really lovely.

And this dress has a very vintage cut, very nice, though I don’t think I could bear all those danged roses.

You would think that I would love this coat, but I’m not sure. It’s…it should be awesome, but there’s something off.

If my internet comes back on tonight (I lost power Monday during the storm, and for some reason the stupid net wouldn’t connect last night…*sighs*) then I will, perhaps, buy one or two patterns. A-Line dresses are awesome, and I look really good in them. And…it’s not really a costume if it’s from the 50’s or 60’s, right?

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