Thirteen things that I want to do before I solve the great mystery
1. Learn how to fence. I love swords, and it’s always been a desire to learn how to use them. I am much more interested in the historical aspects than the competitive…I think it’s far more interesting.
2. Finish the Grand Dress of Absolute Elizabethan Prettiness. Tears ago, I got a Simplicity pattern that was based off the Shakespeare in Love gown. It is a thing of glory…ruff and bodices and over skirts and underskirts and jewels and gold lace. Recently I managed to get a lot of emerald green with a slight blue tinge velvet, and despite the very fine glitter pattern, I’m tempted to death to use it, though I *should*probably make this dress using non-farb, accurate materials. Actually, I’d like to make a dress for almost every era of man up to the Victorian times.
3. Somehow feel that I’ve made an impact with my writing. I want to reach people and make them happy…so, I’d love to feel that I’d really done that.
4. Learn how to belly dance. Not the belly dance for strippers, either. Belly dancing has a long, rich history, and when done for more cultural purposes than for titillation can be extremely graceful and beautiful. And talk about good for the waist!
5. Learn to speak another language. I know – or knew – how to curse, vociferously, in 9 languages at one time. I can say hello and thanks in a few. I love peppering my words with words from another tongue, I think it’s not only colorful and interesting, but it’s fun. So, I think it would be nice to learn one or two to the point where I can speak them fairly well. I am not picky…pretty much any language would do. Spanish, French, German, Gaelic, Chinese, Italian…all of those would be wonderful.
6. Attend a Regency Dinner. Sometimes they have these Regency style house parties…wouldn’t that be awesome? I love old time dancing…in fact, if I ever (not likely) had a wedding again, I’d invite someone who could teach people medieval dance, and instead of doing the modern stuff, we could do these elegant, fun dances. I think people would enjoy that, if for nothing else it would be different. Anyway, I think an evening of Regency Elegance would be very cool.
7. See an opera. I recently went to my first symphony, and I loved watching the people playing their instruments and feeling the sound. Now add the pageantry of an opera. How cool would that be, with the acting and costumes? I love plays, so this should be interesting.
8. Travel, travel, travel. (See previous 13’s.)
9. Work at a Renaissance Faire. I’ve always loved the people at the faires…rennies are, generally, sweet, free spirited, good hearted, hard working, interesting, passionate, creative, intelligent people. I feel at home with Rennies, I always have. I would love to spend a summer with them, and it would let me tap into my silliness and joy of impromptu acting.
10. Sail on a ship. No more need be said.
11. Have a successful rose and herb garden. I love roses, and I love herbs…I don’t do badly with herbs, but the roses…eh. I just remembered…I have to plant tulips this weekend. I hope they, and the new iris, do alright.
12. Join a stable and get back to horseback riding. When I was young, we had an Appaloosa named Cinnamon. I loved her…I really miss her. She didn’t mind me stroking her ears, which a lot of horses do not much like. Horses are a pleasure…they smell good, (generally) and most are gentle and pleasant to be around. Mine had a bit of a snarky streak, though. She used to think she was a real comedian.
13. Get most of my stories that are floating around in my head finished. They are good stories, and they deserve to be told.

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