I am not having a successful work day. Just so much to wade through. Ugh. And no, not one whit, desire or ambition. Ugh.

I wanted to show you a link to a review.

It’s not a bad review, but you can tell the story didn’t really enthuse. I’m grateful to her, though, for the time and effort she spent. I know writing book reviews is not easy or always fun.

Reviews don’t bother me…well, maybe it’s early in the game to say that…but I know a couple things about reviewing that I think will make it easier to accept the less than thrilled reviews, or the plain disappointed ones. I know what people are thinking, generally, when they are reviewing. I know that good reviewers get more books than they know what to do with, and sometimes that means their time is limited.

And, well, if there are people who aren’t absolutely in love with Neil Gaiman or Barbara Hambly, chances are there are people who won’t love my work, as well.

Last night I went to the symphony…the Pittsburgh Symphony came to the Uni last night. I got to go with Laura and Mike, which was really brilliant. I didn’t get to talk to her as much as I would have liked, but because Mike and I were with The Dean, we got really good seats! What was really wonderful was that Mike and I got to talk. It is so good to have a friend in a person like that.

The music was mostly really wonderful. It was truly an experience to have the music wash back to you, to hear the sound and feel the vibrations and actually see people working away on their instruments. You know that a great deal of effort and talent goes into creating such beauty, but you become really convinced of it when you watch them up close.

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