Thirteen Things about Places I want to Visit

1. The Highlands of Scotland. It’s part of my heritage, and I find everything about it so appealing…I’ve always been big on windswept crags. I would like to do a walking tour of sorts, you know, the kind where you just walk across fields for days? I think that would be lovely, and I think it would be wonderful to do it by myself, in some ways, so I can just walk and think and feel.
2. The Rhine. There’s this romantic tour of the Rhine that takes you down the river in a boat. I love the idea of floating along, looking up at all these robber baron castles. And anything with water is a huge plus for me.
3. Portsmouth, Plymouth and Bath, in England: These are places that I grouped together because for me, touring these places would be major age of sail squee, with a bit of Jane Austin thrown in. Sometimes people have Regency themed parties where you actually dress…wouldn’t that be lovely? I think the idea of living a few hours of Regency life in bath would probably be one of the most interesting experiences. But mostly? I want to see the ships.
4. Camlaud, Salisbury Plain, Glastonbury Tor… I am, and always will be, a confirmed Arthurianist. So, of course, I’ll want to take a peek at all the sites I can, especially any outlined in Geoffrey Ashe’s historical archeology of King Arthur books.
5. The Four Corners, Arizona. Ever since I read Tony Hillerman’s Leaphorn and Chee mysteries, I loved how the place sounds. And I’ve always been fascinated by the rock formations and vistas. I think it would be beautiful.
6. China. I’m not actually certain where. I would like to see countryside as well as city, though. Something not too touristy…it just seems so beautiful.
7. Australia. When I was 15, 16, I had a tour all mapped out. I’d visit Queensland and Sydney and Alice Springs. I’d climb Ayers rock, I’d see the Opera house at sunset.
8. Germany. Outside of having friends there, I just think it looks really interesting. I want to…I am fascinated with old architecture, and what I know of the culture seems different from what I know, but not so much so. I’m not saying I’m trying to stay within a comfort zone of what I know, but I am interested in seeing the subtle differences. I think those will teach me a great deal about humanity.
9. Spain, but most especially Andorra and Valencia. From the outside, Spain seems to combine passion and tradition and history – a very interesting history at that. Also, I’ve always wanted to visit Biar castle, and perhaps some of the lovely buildings left from the time of Muslim rule.
10. New Zealand. I’ve been told by many people that New Zealand is one of the most beautiful places in the world, and one of the most fantastical (a friend told me in college, if Elves still existed, they live in New Zealand) and so I wanted to see it even before Lord of the Rings convinced me that everyone was right.
11. The Klondike, especially the Sentinel Island Lighthouse. Any tour of the world must include light houses, and I think the Klondike is wonderful…I also want to experience midnight sun…I think it would be interesting to see what it was like, to never have night for a few days.
12. Ireland. I’m not sure where, because I want to see it all, much like Scotland. I want to look for fairy rings, but mostly, I want to wander the coast and dream.
13. Canada: When I think of Canada, I think of natural beauty – I would like to do some serious walking in Canada.

Wow, I can think of a lot of other places I would like to visit. I better hurry up and become famous!

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