So far, the vacation is going really well. I feel pretty rested and stress free. I think by the time I get back to work on Wednesday I’ll see my life as a bunch of little steps to get me through the day again, not a bunch of burdens to bear.

Thursday afternoon we had a really amazing storm that took out the power in our house. We didn’t get it back until Friday night. It forced me to go to bed very early, around 9:00, and I was tired enough to sleep through until after nine the next day. Both days were swelteringly hot, and we were worried about our food, so I had an idea that works really well if you find yourself in a similar situation: get a couple of garbage cans, metal is possible as they work a lot better (we had some in storage) and about 30 pounds of ice for each can. Put in a garbage bag, then pour in some ice. Put in a layer of food, then some more ice, more food, then top it off with ice. Wrap the can in another garbage bag and a bunch of blankets, quilts, afghans or whatever else you have. Our food all lasted really well.

I did some house projects, but mostly so far I’ve rested and written, managing to finally finish “But Can You Let Him Go?” And did some sewing. I finished the pink Tudor dress and am now working on a black and teal Gypsy/wench/pirate outfit. I’m using soft, sheer black cloth for the shirt and underskirt.

So, now I have two writing projects, I am going to write an essay about Cinderella, and take a second look at the Neil Gaiman Movie essay, because, since it’s not up yet, I want to use this as my chance to do another update.

And I need to work on another book…I started another, “The Gravedigger’s Song”, but I might just take a bunch of notes about all the twists and nifty things and shelve it until one of the partials are done.

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