This day has been so, so bad. I mean, like, woah. Our truck broke down on the way to go buy some roofing tin, and after waiting for the tow truck to show up, I called and found out he was waiting for me to call back because he wanted to make sure I got the money for the tow first. But, we got home, thanks to a lot of prayers to the Lord…

But I’ve decided I’m not going to talk any more about it. Just trust me. Awful day.

Instead, I want to show you this: Christopher Walken cooking chicken with pears. What I love about it is that it’s sort of immediate. I felt like I was sitting in Christopher Walken’s kitchen, maybe drinking a nice wine or something, while he described the recipe to me. I like how his kitchen felt like any kitchen I’ve ever been in, small, but very nice. I want the thing he used to roast the chicken, but have no idea where to look or what it’s called.

I think I shall go sew a little more. I managed to get one dress sleeve done…I decided to start with the sleeves, which are huge, and lined in baroque satin. The satin is part of a roll I bought for my wedding dress, I managed to get it very cheap. I liked the satin, though it’s not the best satin you can buy, it’s very stiff, almost like lining fabric. Unfortunately, it also unravels a little, so I decided to sew the sleeves first to [prevent it getting too bad. I know people who sew around the edges of something that they are worried about…that’s a great way to do it, but this felt more efficient.

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