So, I think I am finally wrapping up The Key to All Things.  It’s about stories.  And love.  And it’s a mystery with air ships and fae magic and swash buckling.

I am really pleased with it.  It FEELS right.

After this, I am unsure what to do…a screen play, a sequel to this, or a look at the hot mess I think The Chocolatier’s Ghost is.  If I do it right, and if I think it is a good book (it has to be worthy of The Chocolatier’s Wife) then I might write a third book, The Herb Mistresses’ Husband, and then that will close the door and Tasmin and William.  Probably.

It is taking me longer to key in the hand written edits than it took me to write the first two drafts, I swear.  But it is worth it, to present something beautiful to the world.

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