Food has been my bane these past few days. Ever since I bought my gala dress, I’ve had a million reasons to eat. There was an international dinner, where of course I had to try everything, so I had spicy tofu, (very spicy, and surprisingly soft…it was made by one of my student workers, and she did a marvelous job) lotus root and calamari soup, (Blander, the lotus root was rather neat, especially in texture) jerk chicken, vegatable paella, a lamb curry (I never thought to eat lamb…there’s soemthing rather sad about eating lamb, but i wanted to try a curry, and it really was delicious) a marvelous beef stew, creme brulee (oooh) and a magnificent Brazillian Chocolate. I was crammed full, but you don’t get real, authentic world cuisine every day!

Then Monday night, we had one of my favorite events: The Honors Dinner. I didn’t go last year because no one really knew me, so i thought it might be better to not intrude, also had so, so much to do at home. 🙁 It’s the time when we gather together to induct the people into the honors societies and to pass out awards and scholarships. it wouldn’t have been so bad (salmon is very good for you, right?) but I pigged out on pizza earlier, because it had such a marvelous, thick crust.

Also, Sunday and last night, mum decided to cook. She’s a wonderful cook, but as you know lately there’s not been any real sense in cooking things because my father can’t eat them, so I wasn’t able to make up for my sins by just eating a can of won ton soup. So, today, I decided to fast a little. I just had a couple of cups of tea, and I’ll eat when I get home. Alright, alright, I had chocolate, but it’s secretaries day, darn it. (My boss was going to take me to lunch, but timing was bad for the GA, who was also invited, poor lady. But isn’t that sweet of him? And she was genuinely sad, it seemed, that i was waiting, but it’s not fair to her if she can’t go.)

Well, that was started many days ago. There are many things I think of to say, but I’m going to put them aside so this post doesn’t become a novel.

One thing, one that I want to share with you and remember, is this lovely vase of flowers. My GA’s, the spectacular and lovely trio that make my life so much better bought these for me for Secretary’s day. Aren’t they loveliness incarnate?

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I got all teary eyed. These are the moments when you feel truly blessed.

In my life, Baby seems to be a new key word. Two of my closest friends and my boss’s wife are all having them…one in June, one in July and one in September. It’s amazing — I’m really happy for my friends. I wish I could talk to them more often, and wonder at what point the three letters and a Christmas card theory becomes an excuse rather than a fact.

Last night my internet got cranky, so I tossed it in and watched the 2003 BBC version of The Other Boleyn Girl I am a bit obsessed with it at this moment. It was interestingly filmed, and i always like the immediacy of when they breack down the fourth wall on occassion to comment directly to the audience. Most of all, the romance, though very, very breifly done, between mary and William Stafford has caught my imagination. In this version, he’s played by Philip Glenister, who isn’t a particularly stereotypically handsome man on the surface. (You may have seen him as Hobbs in Hornblower.) But he’s extremly interesting, and as I realized he was falling for Mary I was really rooting for him. They’ve choosen a very, very pretty man for the 2007 version of the movie that will be coming out. So very pretty and young, but I’m not happy about it, simply because part of the charm is that William isn’t extremly handsome, he’s not rich, but she falls in love with him anyway. It makes it feel like a real, true, wonderful love match. Eddie Redmayne, on the other hand, is someone I imagine women fall in love with at cafes, without so much as a word. So it sort of…it’s not as romantic for me.

And now I can go home!

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