In case you desperately missed me, I was at the 44th Pennsic War – it’s hard to describe, but, basically, it’s a two week medieval encampment.  I camp, I go to the field and do fencing tournaments and huge melees (I am in the Kingdom of Aethelmearc, in case you are in the SCA and were wondering which side I was on) – for melees think two large groups of fencers fighting each other – then go take a nap, read a little, before going for long walks in the torch lit and moon lit darkness, going to a few parties before going back to camp to sit around the fire with friends.  

I only go one week, because I primarily go to fence.  

This was my 8th Pennsic, and I still can’t describe it.  It is an experience like none other, and every person (well over 10,000 attendees every year) has a completely different one…there are a ton of classes (I even taught one…I lead a class that I and my partner in crime created, while she lab assisted) on everything you can think of, archery, thrown weapons, dancing, and tons more.  Lots of merchants (though none had a sword belt like the ones I wanted) and parties and interesting places to walk.  Several camps have very ornate set ups, and this year a group of us wandered to Casa Barducci to see their Italian Villa.  (They build it every year.  It has a fresco ceiling, a dance floor, bed chambers, and a second story porch over looking the lake.)
So, if you missed me, it was because I was indulging in mass acts of swordage.  I have several ideas of new projects that I want to make, old projects I want to do, and am ready to train harder and create more classes to teach.

I always take too many books and never get them read – I got a good chunk of Snuff, by Terry Pratchett, done, but that was it.  I also tried a brand new tent out – a three room, L-shaped tent with a porch in the lee – and felt so very glam with my two bed rooms and a dressing room.  (I share with my mum.)

Now I am back.  A couple of days to clean up and transition back into this world, and I’ll start on my book again.

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