In my SCA circles, we’ve been doing an Art Chain Challenge. I was tagged, and I put up this photo that I took, at Crater Lake. Click to see it larger.

Crater Lake Cindy Speer 2013

I will try and post the other things here, too…you have to do it five days in a row. Right now I am already a day behind…oops.

As you may recall (or not…I have no idea what I post here, post on Facebook, post on Live Journal) Mum and I went on a three expedition of awesome (“road trip” is so bland) and crossed the US. One of my favorite places…even more memorable to me than the Grand Canyon or the Oregon Coast, two other things we did that I loved…was Crater Lake, with the super clear water that made for perfect reflections, and the light from the sun on the snow. It was actually a place where, because of the quality of the light, I was lucky enough to capture some really amazing pictures.

I would really love to go back. There is so much beauty in the natural world, and not enough time to see it in.

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