So here I am, trying something new.  The first time I saw tumblr it was when one of my friends created one for the Fencing Club that I help run…the second time I saw it was when I was looking up pictures of…well, OK, a certain character from a TV show I’d gotten fascinated with.

Once a fan girl, I guess, always a fan girl.  

I write, so the challenge on tumblr will be to balance my obsession with pretty people and things in balance with my “professional” personage.  


Well.  Today I’m on Epic’s blog:  

And my first picture will be the new cover of the second edition of The Chocolatier’s Wife!  Yay!  The cover is by Howard David Johnson…isn’t it lovely?

The Chocolatier's Wife, by Cindy Lynn Speer

What do I mean by second edition?  Well, when Drollerie Press closed, two of my books, The Chocolatier’s Wife and my short story collection were no longer officially published.  So, I have a new publisher…and the book has a new cover, new edits (a v. v. minor plot hole I did not notice patched!) and so I’m calling it a second edition, though really, I guess it’s a re-release.

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