I keep trying to balance all these aspects of my life. I want to be a great secretary, an awesome fencer, a world traveler, a good daughter, healthier and slender, a well-loved author.

It’s a narrow platform, and I keep slipping off, scraping my knees, bruising my arms, and I shake myself off, and climb back on. And sometimes back on is only a few steps. And sometimes back on is a long drag back up. But I do it. And I try again, and try not to live in fear of the next slip, try not to flinch.

All these hopes, something is going to tear. But I keep going anyway. Things I really want to do slip aside…the scrolls I want to learn how to do, the Big Dress Project, the small doublet project, the beading and embroidery.

I actually broke down and bought a couple of eBooks on how to do stuff. How to build an author platform, how to use Goodreads to generate more readers and connections. It’s stuff I know I could sit and figure out, but why waste time trying to invent the wheel when the wheel is there and I can invent the wagon? I do admit I was a bit bored with the first part of the Goodreads one…I have an author account, I know how to navigate, etc, but I’m getting to the meat now.

OK. Gotta get back on the beam now.

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