Today until the 18th, you to can snag a copy of The Chocolatier’s Journal for free…no quests, no comments, just grab and go here.

A couple of times people said that they can’t have these things because they don’t have a Kindle. I don’t, either…I read Kindle stuff on my PC and iPad. There’s software on the site here.

I am really kind of pleased that it’s free…it was meant to be a teaser, and I do worry to a certain extent that people will be disappointed because they are purely fantasy and no mystery, but the William one does build towards a possible sequel.

Now to go make myself some Monkey King tea. I am absolutely obsessed with Numi monkey King right now. It’s lovely. Especially in a pottery cup…do you ever notice that? That a pottery cup is better for certain teas that your normal glazed porcelain? I think it might be because, though the pottery cups are glazed, there is still a little porousness that changes something. I find that it takes the edges off Earl Grey nicely.

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