It’s Final Exam week, and so people are talking about getting rid of their books and scurrying around trying to pull last minute miracles. As one of my faculty said, “Let the begging begin.” I always feel bad for students…not just because I can still remember being one…but because I can understand how things can just implode. But ze rules are ze rules. Sometimes there is no way to save them and you can just see the panic in their eyes. We’re having an unusually high Winter Graduation this year, and we’re losing a lot of wonderful people. But I’ve…I find I’ve gotten used to it. Sometimes there is a particular person who will be missed, but…you get jaded, I guess. My cycle used to be more attuned to the semester…I used to be so excited at the beginning and ends of the semesters, feel nostalgia around homecoming, etc, but now it’s like…blink your eyes, it’ll be back around again. Time moves so fast.

In other news, AVI has made all the coffee/cocoa machines free for finals week (as they do every year) and since the machine downstairs is busted, my student workers and GA’s have been migrating back and forth between here and the building next door. I don’t mind as long as I can tack on a French Cocoa order…yesterday (before the downstairs machine broke) I had a cup and it was spectacular. The French Cocoa from next door isn’t as rich, but it’s a) hot cocoa and b) free and c) made without any effort on my part, so I think it’s wonderful.

Yesterday I received a copy of the Anthology! The cover looks so wonderful…and it has the new book smell and this beautiful silky feel to the cover. So far it’s been really well reviewed. It’s filled with awesome stories by talented people — several of whom are fellow Drollerie Alumni, but what makes me feel all grown up and excited is the fact that three of the authors are people I actually own books by. It feels like a step up in my career. I hope that people are drawn by the big names…Peter S. Beagle, Nancy Kress, Patricia C. Wrede…and fall in love with the rest of us.

And the cover is rather lovely…the same guy, David Howard Johnson, who did The Chocolatier’s Wife cover, and the cover to my short story collection (which should be out…this summer? I think?)

I’m tag teaming between zombies and airships right now…but at least I’m writing.

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