Ever since I did my Kindle Give Away of the Chocolatier’s Wife (and if you missed out, we’re running a .99 cent deal for the book, starting December 23rd) I’ve been fascinated with free eBooks. In the US alone CW was downloaded 10,300 times, and I wonder how many of those were people who were like, “Oh, that sounds cool…I’ll snag it and try and read it someday” and who probably will never get around to it. I wonder because I find myself looking at the Kindle free-bestseller lists and going “That could be cool.” a lot and not reading much right away. This is partly because I’m not a big eReader. I’m a fan…more people buy my books as eBooks than as paper…but I love reading books. So if it’s a choice between reading a eBook or a regular book, eBooks still lose out.

I do like using the kindle app on my iPad to read teasers, though…I download sample chapters to see if I would like to read a certain person. So I can easily see reading whole books on the iPad if I can’t get them any other way…otherwise, I’ll probably read parts of the free eBooks I’ve downloaded, then go and find it in paper if I like it enough.

So, how about you guys? Do you have more free eBooks downloaded than you will ever read? Or do you have more self control than I do?

I confess, I do this with real books, too…the fact that I don’t have much book space for what I have now doesn’t seem to deter me. It’s my retirement plan…maybe I won’t be able to fence when I’m a little old lady, but I will have plenty to read. Now to pray that I don’t lose my sight…

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