So, I’ve been telling people about the fact that my book is a) out and b) being given away. You can find out more,  here . (Yay! Look! A free book! So much easier to advertise than a book for sale.)

This whole thing has been a different experience. I’ve written three books now…and God help me, hopefully I’ll have another one done…(It’s not that I don’t have ideas, it’s just…time.) and each one has been its own experience.  Blue Moon I wrote second, but it got published first, and it was a lovely book that said some things I wanted to say.  Unbalanced was my first book, and like every first child it’s the one where you try hard to learn to be a good parent and maybe you succeed and maybe you don’t, but at the end of the day it’s partly your inexperience that forms it. Every once in awhile I see reviews and I’m surprised by how much people like the book. I know it’s not my best, so I have a hard time with it, but when I step away from it, I see that it is a solid book that has a lot to offer. (Or, otherwise, my long suffering editor at Zumaya…Hiya, Liz! would not have bothered with it.)

But my favorite has always been The Chocolatier’s Wife.  I still remember working hard on it, I remember how everything just came together. And the reviews have all been positive. In some cases seriously positive…and I felt like I could brag about it. I didn’t feel apologetic…and because of who I am, it is easy for me to feel guilty, to feel badly. I’m getting over it, though.

So, it was a blow to me when the press closed and the book was no longer on the shelves, so to speak. But now, we have it back. I feel better again, more like an author.

I received copies of the book in the mail yesterday, and I sat on the porch swing and opened the bag. The cover is not glossy this time, it’s a matte finish that feels like silk. When you flip it over, there are reviews from various places praising my book. when you open it, in the back, there’s an excerpt from the short story that’s coming out. There are covers…for other people’s books, for my short story collection (Wishes and Sorrows…more on that later) and for the anthology that will be coming out soon.

The cover of the anthology is beautiful (Howard David Johnson is amazing) and it lists…Nancy Kress, Peter S. Beagle, Patricia C. Wrede. And then it lists me. Authors whose books I’ve owned, read, loved. And my name next to theirs. (Along with several others…not saying anything against my other co-authors, who are spectacular in their own right.)

So, it’s sort of like…wow. It’s one of those moments where you feel a little bit closer to being able to say you are making it. That feeling that maybe people will read my books and stories and fall in love a little. It was a good moment.

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