Today (first things first) I am featured on the Epic Blog today, and it’s a pretty fun interview.  Lots of good questions…I tried to be clever.

You know what the bane of my writing is?  Getting fascinated with characters in a movie, book, TV show, whatever…that are nothing like the characters that I’m actually trying to write about.  My mind is all “I want to spend time with THIS ONE!  You know what we could do?  We could day dream about…”  I fight being a fan girl (between being a fan girl and trying to write out personal things in my life so they make sense, that makes this blog pretty bare….) because…I don’t know.   I guess there’s a perception that I’m trying to avoid.

And then, I discovered tumblr.  Well, my friend Kala made a fencing club tumblr, and then I gave into temptation and became fan girly over some character and went looking and saw that, instead of like in the days of yore, when all the pictures were in galleries attached to message boards, most fan stuff seems to happen on tumblr.  Even for obscure TV shows you thought you were the only one interested in watching.

SO.  I now have a tumblr.  Which, like my Pinterest page, will probably be more about things and people that I think are pretty than, well, my books and stuff.  But I suppose we will live.


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