One of the things that I’m supposed to be doing is creating recipes for chocolate…it’s actually an awesome idea of my editor’s, to create a small give away eBook. I’m also trying to finish two short stories to include, and create some spells. It should be a pretty little thing, both meant as a gift of thanks to people who have bought the book before, and to entice those who haven’t read it yet.

The thing is, I don’t know much about actually making chocolate. I know some…I knew a lot, when I was writing the book, (I take my reader’s bubble of suspension of disbelief seriously…) but I’m not well versed enough to actually create recipes. Even ones I never expect anyone to ever make. Yes, I’m over thinking. So, I’ve been reading and trying to get a grip on the whole process. This weekend, along with the huge pile of sewing (prepping to go to Pennsic) I am going to sit in the middle of my bedroom with a huge stack of books and work my way through and create things that you could believe would work.

That brings me to my subject line. Being far from 40 but also far from 30, I’m at a point where I feel like any opportunity I miss to fence and train is another week, another month, away from my goal of becoming a really great fencer. So to choose not to go to an event is hard. I always feel slightly as if I’m making a mistake.

Which brings me to the Dr! It looks like physical therapy, ultrasound and drugs will get me better in time to fence my heart out and do well. (We Hope.)

I guess I better go read over my short story. A writer’s work is never done. 😀

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