The past couple of weeks I’ve been busy going through the proofing process for the second edition of The Chocolatier’s Wife.  The process wasn’t much fun at first, to be honest.  One of the take-aways from this is that you should always, always keep a word document of the latest edits.  I didn’t have a editable copy of the best-edited copy of CW because a few clean up edits were done after it left my hands.  I knew about them because my editor ran them by me, but I didn’t have the copy.

Transferring a whole book from PDF to word, even with the professional equipment, is a mess.  I ended up stripping all the formatting and starting over, and even then I missed stuff.  Thankfully, my new editor has eagle eyes and the patience of a saint.
Now we have a shiny new cover.  Long time readers will point out that you can’t see wind sprites normally, but I like to think that the sun is shining off of them after a bath in the pond.  I think it lovely.
CW will be available soon…the official launch date is July 16th.  To be honest, I’m not sure if it will be in Hard Cover or not, but if you want a hard cover copy let me know, and if enough people are interested maybe we can make some magic happen.  It’s be available in trade paper and all sorts of eBook formats, which is pretty awesome.
I’m working on a lot of stuff right now…a new book that I’m trying to keep writing on so that it doesn’t go to sleep in my head, and a bunch of new short stories for the re-issued anthology and even for, perhaps, a give away eBook if I can get things done.
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