This Saturday was the Rapier and Costume Academy in Pittsburgh. I really loved it and hope we have one every year. I am inspired to go back to an idea of what I have been playing with for many years…to distill down the similarities and the differences in the different old masters of rapier styles so that you can, technically, look at the sheet, look at the fencer, and sort of guess what they are doing. I’d love to make accompanying flash cards with a mini check list…”OK, he’s standing with his feet together, but it’s not Spanish because he’s leaning forward…oh! It’s Swetham!”

But basically I would like it to be a basic primer to give people a simple understanding of what the styles are. I think if I did it I would finally get better at explaining what is what, or if I was watching a “By the Book” tourney, I could appreciate what is being done better.

I was given a Comet Vert, for being a friend of the Barony, which was amazing, but even cooler was the fact that several of the people at my fencing practice also received awards. I was standing behind the Royals, retaining, and so I had the perfect view of their faces. What happens when you receive awards in the SCA, if you do not know, is that it is done during court, and the king or queen will be whispered to before the award by the bard, telling them a couple of cool things so that they are prepared to speak. Then the person is called up, and they sort of do a take and then they come up and kneel in front of the King and Queen, and one or the other speaks of their awesomeness. Usually things like service or their arts or their martial ability. And the herald reads the scroll that is about to be handed to the recipient, the King and Queen help them stand, and then everyone cheers as the person toddles away with their beautiful scroll. It’s pretty awesome, even more so when you know the person…and so I was standing there, watching the faces of my friends as Nice Things were being said about them. Two of them peeked up and glared at me. I knew I was grinning like an idiot, but I was genuinely happy. These are good people…hard workers, passionate about what they do, and they deserved to be recognized for that hard work and love.

Did not win Nanowrimo. Partly because I got stopped on the book I was supposed to be writing but I knew what was happening in another one, so I said, “OK…well, I’d rather do that, then.” Writing is slow. But it’s going, so thank God for that.

I am also slowly looking for an agent for The Chocolatier’s Wife. She needs a new home.

And that’s my news…

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