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Cindy Lynn Speer is the author of several books and short stories, including The Chocolatier's Wife. She is also a fencer, terrible gardener, passionate reader and storyphile.
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I’m done with my second draft! I’m done with my second draft! La la lalalalalla!!!!

It’s such a high, getting to closer and closer to the day when I type The End.

Tomorrow, I work on a comic book project, “Do You Feel Loved?” I have two artists who are very interested…they’re both friends from online, so I’m going to try and work with them both. Another sweetie from the board is more of a writer, but he really wants to do something… It’s so exciting, I went from no artists to two who will hopefully be enchanted with my stories over night. I hope it works out, and I hope I don’t mess it up.

When I have the script under way, I intend to go over Blue Moon and answer questions and edit. When I mean answer questions, I go through a book, and I read it, and as I’m reading it, questions will pop up. I write them down as I go along…

Are Zorovin’s eyes always silver?

Where did Alex get that hatchet?

then I go back and resolve them in the text.

Next then will be the print out and read (how I hate to waste the ink and paper….but on the other hand, since I can’t always catch mistakes on screen, I can’t afford *not* to.) My readers will then read the stuff.

Then I run the corrections, then I print it out one last time. (Well, not *last*, since I will be printing out partials for agents….)

Then I am done. If there are not a lot of mistakes to fix, I may not print it out the last time. But I do want a copy of my book. Balancing Act, the copy of the ms that went to the first agent, when it was rejected, I hole punched it and put it in a binder. The binder has since been a very nice easy reference tool for me.

Blue Moon, barring major changes, will be about 452 pages long. It’s quite a bit longer that Balancing Act, but then Blue Moon is a stand alone, I think.

I am so excited! EEE!

Ok. Back to my calm, dour self.

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Hey again!

I hate it when I get all whiney. (re-yesterday’s post) Blame it on the toe I stoved. As it heals it’s slowly going from pasty white to the black of a hanged man’s tounge.

Yuck. So glad it’s not sandal season.

Well, to get back ON topic, I’d like to discuss what I’ve learned about fan fiction this week. See, I don’t write fan fiction as a habit, but once in awhile I will as a present. So, I wrote a due South fan fiction piece, intergrating my friend, for her birthday. To be honest, she’s the only one I do fan fiction for, anymore. It’s hard to create a friend as a character, because you don’t want to do anything to hurt them (hell of a present, that would be, eh? Er…Heck. Sorry.) One of the things I found, if you ever start doing fan ficts, is that you need to have a set of things in mind: A quick reference file with piccys and profiles, preferably chopped from websites. (I had Write open, and just cut and pasted everything I needed, rather than saving the web page), a rough idea of the character’s past, and the tells of a character (gestures, voice, things they do every show) – you need to actually watch a few of the shows (I’ve seen most of them.) to get down the character’s voice. In due south, Benton Fraser says, “Actually, Ray” a bit. You also need to know what the characters call each other….my biggest problem, and one I *hope* I finessed….. You can call Benton Fraser many things: Ben, Benny, Frashe, and Frasher. I couldn’t remember.

Playing with other people’s characters can be a ton of fun – fan fiction is almost it’s own mendium. Really. True, it looks like a short sotry, but it really isn’t, any more than a proem is. The way you have to fit pre-created items in the story, to give it the right flavor – I relied heavily on throwing in things that are key to someone who’s watched the whole series…mentioned rubber duckies, women from both Ray and Ben’s past, etc. It really does make your mind work in a different way.

But like I said, I don’t do it often. Mostly because I am rather mercenary – it takes alot of work to write good fan fiction, and I’d rather put that time into a book, or other marketable project. Still, there’s a few Sandman stories that creep around the back of my head, that I *might* put on paper someday, just to free up some mind-drive space.

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So, *that’s* completely disheartening.

What, you ask? Well, I started reviewing books for Gottan Write Network, and the lady, when I asked her if there was anything else I can do for her, said that I could do an interview, if I liked. I agreed, and today I went to look at his web page. His new series is so much like mine I could choke. I’ve been working on mine for ten years, but since I haven’t been able to get it published yet, everyone will think I’m copying off of him….not to slag him….he deserves to be published too, I just wish that our stories were a little more different.

How do you get past this? Do you hope he starts a new trend that makes your book more marketable? Do you pray that people don’t go, “Well, vampires have saturated the market, and your book is so simular to….”? Sigh.

Well, at least, Thank God, Andromeda’s not a vampire anymore. That might save me, in the end.

Well, emough whining. I have to go work on my hopepages….I thought I’d like to add a page with links to my book reviews and interviews. It might be fun, and it’ll organize my works a bit for me. I have a much un-talked about review of Neil’s American Gods up at Science Fiction Romance.

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Welcome to my new and imporved blogger! I’ve given myself a purpose – and theme to this, which will hopefully drive me to live up to the new title. I’ve also added weblinks – Fiction Addiction is the wonderful site where I’m a moderator. Gotta Write Network Online is the site where I’ve just been hired as a book reviewer. My guestbook is listed so that you can make comments and ask questions…please feel free to write me. 😀 I check my guestbook every week.

I hope that in my scribblings you might find some amusement, some good advice.

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So, how is my writing going today?

Well, writing is like cross stitch. Cross stitch, for those of you not much into needle crafts, is where you use a pattern of x’s to make a picture on cloth, using colored thread. So writing is like that, where you use all these words to create a picture, x by x. Sometimes, when you’re going along, you’ll skip something in the pattern, something that may not be all that important by itself, but in the larger scheme of things, is absolutely pivotal. Perhaps it’s a fold of dress, or the way a shadow falls on a rock. But even if you try and skip it and go on, everything looks funny, and you sigh and start undoing everything you’ve done to get back to that point. Pulling out stitches, deleting the whole back quarter of your book. Because if you don’t just give up and get rid of everything you’ve done since you messed up, nothing will ever read – or look right to you, and it’s hardly ever worth all the work you’d go to covering up your mistake, other wise.

And this is what I’m doing today. :( God, I hope it starts working better. I am so much better at beginnings and middles than ends. I want this book to be the lovliest thing on skates. So to speak.

I’ve also plotted out several elements of my next book, while I was doing the laundry. I quite like doing the laundry….there’s a lot of thinking time built in, a lot of just waiting around for the cycle to end, so you might as well day dream about the book. Now, I was totally planning to day dream out a spectacular ending to Blue Moon, but I ended up thinking about a werewolf romance thing instead. Ah well.

Aha. Only a 10 days have passed since I’ve last updated. I’m getting better.

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The light in my room is blue, from my computer and from the dusk outside. I want to write abut it, but can think of no good place to do so, and remember, suddenly, that I have this, here, and I haven’t updated it in a shameful age.

What have I been up to? Well, I’ve been writing my book – I think I’ll be done (everyone, all together now) by the end of the month. (I’ve been saying this for some time, you may gather, and you would be right.)

I am now a moderator at I like it very much, but it makes me nervous. It’s under my own name, for one thing. I like the idea of being able to slink off if I think I’ve made a mistake, disappear for awhile, then come back. I don’t have that recourse, here – not only is it sort of my “job” to make lots and lots of replies, create new posts, conduct a bi monthly chat…but people know me. True, in a sense, they don’t know me any better through this name than they do my web nome de plume, but still…it feels like you have more to loose….what’s the cure for that, you ask? Well, I suppose it would be to make sure you don’t say anything to be ashamed of, then not give a darn if someone doesn’t like it. Ooh….moderation positions as therapy. I like.

I can feel spring coming. Today I walked out and saw that my tulips are starting to come up. I love tulips…I don’t know why. They are, in so many ways, quite plainer than most flowers. Not as towering as gladiolus, not many petaled and romantic like roses. They just are, perfect cups of color, the breaking of a long winter’s fast.

I need to do a ton of work on my web pages. If my isp doesn’t drive me mad, (I keep getting my connection dropped….) I intend to get a lot of it done this week end…and I intend to update this journal more. I have no idea if anyone is reading it….but, like anyone who has one, I kind of like the thought of writing this dumb observations down, and having someone run across them and go, “Oh, yea, I know exactly what you mean.”

Smart journaling tip of the day: Write your entry off line, then cut and paste. Makes life so much easier, and you can spell check it, too.

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So this is my blogger. I know already that I won’t be updating much, because I have this fear of boring people, which, for a writer, can be somewhat debilitating. I find myself cutting dialogue short, or just jumping to another scene, because I hate being boring. But, that’s what the second draft is for, I suppose, to fix silly things like that….

I am a writer. I have even been an author, once or twice. It’s what I’ve wanted to do since I was in the ninth grade, that and become a librarian. Well, there’s one off the list, anyway. (I work, off an on, as a librarian. I ought to be working on my mls, but here I am, making things up.)

I have completed one book, called Balancing Act and am gearing up to do the final edits on a book called Blue Moon. I have comics scripts and short stories and I get lots of nice letters from editors about my stories. A few months back I got a rejection letter with “I really, really loved your story” hand written on it. Which was kind of weird, like I said, this was on a rejection letter. And this isn’t the first time, either….I get a lot of, “Really good, but not right for us, send us more.” letters. Just so you know, I have talent. As much as what I’ve just said proves it, anyway. I think my problem is mismarketing. I try to do research, make sure I send it to the right places, but sometimes I do end up making an educated guess. Any writer worth their salt will tell you that this is a BAD THING. But sending five or ten dollars to every magazine you’d like to submit to becomes a losing proposition right away.

I also think that the market is crowded – there are so many of us, out there. It is a beautiful dream, after all. But – and I say this with a great deal of heartfelt truthfulness, if you are writing because you think that this is a good way of making money, trust me, you’d do better working at Wal Mart. If you’re doing this for any reason other than you have these stories and thoughts and you need to let them out of your skull and onto the paper, if you’re doing it because it pleases you and because, hopefully, it’ll please someone else, then yeah, this is it. Failing to become an author will be worth it then. Neil Gaiman (A lovely writer….here’s his blog. He’s an Author, and a neat man.) once said that writing is like ditch digging. When I read that I nodded in agreement for close to a half an hour. Because it is. But then there are places when it becomes easy, where you’re living the story as it leaves you head, when you’re having the best time you could possible have.

But damn, I’d love to get paid for it. 😀 I’d better go. I’m waxing too philosophical.


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So, to celebrate watching the last season of buffy, I took a slew of personality quizzes. I decided not to post the plaques for the simple reason that they don’t show up….

At I took the “Which BtVS Chick are you and ended up with…Dawn!!! How can I be Dawn!! I’m not a whiny brat who makes quick, absolute judgements and says nasty things when she doesn’t get her way! Whine!!! On the one for which man, I got…Xander. Which is ok. I kind of like him. He’s nicer than the one I wanted, which was Spike. Which is silly…who wants to be bad and tortured over it?

Let’s see…Which Slayer am I….OOH! I’m Buffy! Rock. Now to go to see which Big Bad….Darn it! I would load it. ::sulk::

At: we discover that, I am….

You’re a Spike Lover!

Are you a Spike addict?
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I love the different banners she made up for this quiz. 😀
We Are Amazed!

How Big of a Buffy Fan Are You?
brought to you by Quizilla

I must have a good memory…I’ve only watched the shows once.

Wow. There are a *ton* of Buffy quizes. I will do one more…the main page of this site… has a ton of stuff. That’s not the link to the page, it’s a link to the:

Buffy Dream Date quiz! Oh, drat…it’s not working either. Oh, well. I think I got Giles the last time. And Oz, cause I took it twice.


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